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Sozopol Foundation



Sozopol Foundation was established by Mr. Kiril Arnautski in December 2002 to operate for the public benefit.  It is currently the first and only Bulgarian NGO in consultative partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The foundation is one of the ten members of the Liaison Committee for relations between non-governmental organisations from around the world and UNESCO. The Committee manages and coordinates the activities of NGOs in official partnership with the Organization.


Development of spiritual values for the benefit of international cooperation; establishment of good practices and innovative methods for protecting the environment and tangible and intangible cultural heritage; better education on environmental and cultural heritage through information systems for the benefit of people and nature; socialisation of natural and cultural-historical sites with the purpose of developing them into leading tourist destinations; assisting the social integration and personal fulfilment of people with disabilities; and the encouragement of public-private partnerships and supporting cross-border cooperation for the benefit of development.

Programme Areas:

  • Archaeological research
  • Conservation
  • Restoration
  • Socialisation
  • Promotion and provision of access for people with disabilities to natural and cultural sites

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