First UNWTO Conference on Accessible Tourism in Europe 19/20 November 2014- registration open



For the first time, UNWTO and the Government of the Republic of San Marino will join up to tackle Accessible Tourism in Europe in a conference featuring a great diversity of participants from different backgrounds, where Sozopol Foundation will contribute to the sessions. The Conference will highlight good practices of universal accessibility and design for all in a wide-range of tourism destinations in Europe, with a special focus on heritage cities. Some of these destinations have managed to develop quality services for all and successfully boosted their competitiveness through accessible tourism, without neglecting the challenges of heritage protection for future generations.

The gathering will involve stimulating sessions on accessible tourism policies and strategies, accessible infrastructures and Services, and accessibility of heritage cities in which Lyubomir Durankev, National and International Project Manager of the Sozopol Foundation will present the LHAC to contribute to a discussion on the challenges urban areas with significant heritage assets pose to travellers with disabilities.

Find out more about the programme and registration by clicking on the "source" link.

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General Information

Submitted by: Silvia Balmas
Location: Kursaal Congress Centre, Viale J.F. Kennedy, 17 – 47890, San Marino
Start Date: 19/11/2014
End Date: 20/11/2014