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From the very beginning of the project, the League of Historical and Accessible Cities has been supported by Vía Libre, (Grupo Fundosa, Fundación ONCE), a consultancy with more than 20 years of experience in accessibility and universal design areas, which helped the LHAC members defining a concrete action plan to be developed to make the historical cities involved accessible for all.

More specifically, Vía Libre suggested the creation of an accessible itinerary of approximately 1km in length, to be easily feasible by a person with reduced mobility. It also defined the main areas of action of the LHAC project, established a common methodology to be adopted by all members, and identified minimal requirements for an itinerary to be approved as accessible, as well as the main accessibility criteria to be considered while developing the itinerary at a local level.

Fundosa Accesibilidad S.A. is a company within ONCE Foundation´s business group, Grupo Fundosa. Through its trademark Vía Libre, it develops action plans regarding Universal Accessibility and Design For All. For over two decades it has brought forward and promoted actions in the fields of Accessibility and Design for All, edging towards the accomplishment one of the main objectives of ONCE Foundation, the elimination of physical barriers and the furtherance of Universal Accessibility in Spain.

Their team of professionals includes 200 experts and specialists - ranging from architects and engineers to occupational therapists, sociologists, Ortho-Prosthetic technicians, all the way to Braille and subtitling transcribers. Most of them are people with disability (over 80% of the company’s personnel), which entitles Vía Libre with the category of special employment center, and allows the company to bring into a project their knowledge, experience and sensitivity concerning accessibility, which is in fact their most valuable cornerstone.  In addition to this, their wide range of areas of expertise enables Vía Libre to approach projects from a wider perspective on accessibility issues.

Their effort and enthusiasm generates a constant search of new solutions concerning accessibility.

Vía Libre has its main offices based on Madrid, and a total of 7 offices, work centers and shops spread throughout the major cities of Spain in addition to a strategic network of partnerships with other companies, national and international, in order to assure a wider reach of our products and services.

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