STRING Project Meeting in Avila



After the successful League of Historical and Accessible Cities project, the European Foundation Centre is now collaborating with 12 partners from 7 countries under the STRING project, with the aim to implement Smart Tourist Routes for Inclusive Groups. The second meeting of project happened in Avila on 2-3 July where the group of partners was hosted in the premises of the Municipality of Avila.

On the 2nd of July, the mayor of Avila, Jose Luis Rivas, welcomed all the representatives from the 7 participating countries who came together to discuss prospects of the STRING project, in which the European Foundation Centre’s Disability Thematic Network is involved together with some of the Foundations members of the League of Accessible and Historical cities: Fundación Once, Fondazione CRT and Sozopol Foundation respectively with the cities of Avila (Spain), Turin (Italy) and Sozopol (Bulgaria).

During the meeting, the aspect of offering accessible tourist products on the market accommodating people with disability by means of tourism packages was the highlight of the discourse. This project, lead by Consulta per le persone in difficoltá CPD, would open future doors of possibility to arising cities whose goal is to become more accessible, and would thus lead to greater tourism development. The three thematic areas around which the accessible itineraries in the cities of Avila, Turin and Sozopol will focus on are: Culinary tourism; Historical and Cultural Heritage and Outdoor Activities.


Here below you can find some more information (in Spanish):


[1] Lead partner/coordinator: CPD - Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà ONLUS (Italy) - Partners: Regione Piemonte (Italy); European Foundation Centre (Belgium); Fondazione CRT- Cassa di Risparmio di Torino (Italy); Fundación ONCE (Spain); Sozopol Foundation (Bulgaria); Akita Tour SAS (Italy); Dena Travel (Spain); Sozopol-Tour (Bulgaria); Accessible Portugal (Portugal); Weitsprung Reisen (Germany); ChrisTravel (Denmark)

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