Europe without barriers! An inspirational story about the first ever Romanian who travelled around the world in a wheelchair



Accessibility generates an inclusive society, and active participation is a simple pre-requisite. Vasile Stoica, the first Romanian who travelled around the world in a manual wheelchair, is now on a new mission to increase social awareness about the troubles people face when it comes to creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilties in Romania, his home country.

With the launch of the campaign Accessible Romania in a barrier-free Europe, Vasile travelled 1700 km from Lugoj, Romania to the EU Parliament in Strasbourg where he is bound to deliver his message. His trip will commence on 30 June 2015, where he will start his voyage across seven countries: Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and France. He is expected to finish his marathon on the 30th of July-2nd of August. 

Apart from this inspirational story, Stoica is mentioned in the reknown Guinness Book of Records for the longest distance covered in a manual wheelchair in 24 hours (132 km. in California, USA). Also, he complpeted a round-the-world trip in 1998-99 covering 36,000 km. 

Stoica is one example of a success, not only in regards of traveling, but personal accomplishment and legend for all. 

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