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Fundación ONCE


Fundación ONCE was formed from the Organización Nacional de Ciegos de España ONCE (the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind), which was set up in 1938 to provide support for visually impaired people in Spain.

In 1988, the General Council of ONCE decided to set up the ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Inclusion Of People With Disabilities, a non-profit organisation which aims at contributing to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.  The foundation acts        as a common platform for the main Spanish organisations working for impaired people and encouraging other organisations and institutions to get involved in specific programmes aimed at providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Fundación ONCE´s main source of finance each financial year is the 3% gross receipts obtained from sales of tickets for ONCE´s lotteries which are sold by blind people and those with other disabilities.


Fundación ONCE´s mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. More specifically, its goal is to achieve the full integration of people with disabilities launching, or cooperating in, programmes aimed at enhancing professional integration, training and employment. Additionally, the foundation promotes global accessibility through the elimination of all types of barriers, incorporating Global Accessibility, Design for All and Self-Sufficiency principles.

Programme Areas

The foundation works to establish general frameworks for agreements with public and private institutions to benefit people with disabilities, assisting their personal development, integration into society and employment. It supports general welfare activities in the following main areas:

  • Professional training and employment
  • Universal accessibility
  • Sports
  • Discapnet' and 'Digital Solidarity'
  • Europe

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