Realdania is a strategic foundation created with the objective of initiating and supporting projects that improve the built environment. It was established in late 2000 following a merger between two large financial institutions, with the main aim of creating value through development and change, dialogue and knowledge, partnerships and networks, and through taking initiative and being proactive.

Programme Areas

Realdania contributes to development and change within the built environment, seeking to improve the quality of life, for the benefit of Denmark and its inhabitants.
This is realised through a multitude of initiatives that all share a common strategic focus. Realdania projects focus on issues of general interest, set new norms and are oriented towards communication and research.

Key areas are:

• Health through the Built Environment
• Sustainable Development in the Built Environment
• The Transformation of the Suburbs

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General Information

Submitted by: Argyro Kazaki
City: Viborg