European Disability Strategy 2010-2020


Some 80 million EU citizens are having difficulty using public buildings, facilities and services such as shops, transport and websites because they have some kind of disability.

To address this situation, On 15 November 2010 the European Commission adopted a new strategy to break down the barriers that prevent persons with disabilities from participating in society on an equal basis. The strategy outlines how the EU and national governments can empower people with disabilities so that they can fully enjoy their rights as citizens and consumers.

Specific measures over the next decade range from improving accessibility of goods and services to studying the implications of a mutual recognition of national disability cards. These measures will have substantial societal benefits, but should also produce a knock-on effect on Europe’s economy. They could for example enhance the EU market for assisted devices and services, which already today has an estimated annual value of over €30 billion. 

The strategy includes a list of concrete actions and a timetable. The Commission will regularly report on the strategy’s achievements and progress complying with its obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities which it has signed.

Download the document and the List of Actions in PDF format from the right-hand panel.

General Information

Submitted by: Francesca Casciato
Author(s): European Commission
Publisher: European Commission
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