EDF's Freedom of Movement Campaign 2011


All EU citizens have the right to provide and receive services in another Member State.

However persons with disabilities cannot yet fully enjoy their freedom of movement within Europe and have difficulties accessing mainstream goods and services, under the same conditions as any other EU citizen.

Persons with disabilities do not have the same opportunities as persons without disabilities: they face barriers when studying, looking for a job, travelling, purchasing goods and services or simply accessing information.

For these reasons, the theme of the European Disability Forum (EDF) campaign 2011 is Freedom of Movement. With this campaign, EDF suggests tools that seek to enable persons with disabilities to make use of their right to freedom of movement, and to benefit from the goods and services within the internal market of the EU, just as any other EU citizen.

EDF envisages the following outcomes of the campaign:

  1. Adoption of a European Accessibility Act
  2. Adoption of a European Mobility Card
  3. Elaboration of a Report on Freedom of Movement by the disability movement.

Find out more about the  Freedom of Movement Campaign here.

Download the EDF Campaign Toolkit "Freedom of Movement" in PDF format from the right-hand panel.



General Information

Submitted by: Francesca Casciato
Author(s): EDF
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Source: http://www.edf-feph.org/Page_Generale.asp?DocID=13854&thebloc=27027