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Zoological and Botanical Garden
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With its rich historic heritage and an extraordinarily favourable location - between the Rhine river and the Vosges mountains, close to Germany and Switzerland - Mulhouse is a city with a lot to offer inhabitants and visitors.

A pioneering city at the time of the industrial revolution in France, Mulhouse has flourished thanks to the textile, chemical and mechanical industries. As a result of such an exceptional history, nowadays the city has an impressive selection of museums covering a broad range of topics (including the Automobile Museum, the Railway Museum and the Fine Arts Museum), as well as several private mansions and the largest technical museum pole in Europe.

Mulhouse also has a pedestrianised historic centre, with its many houses dating back to the Middle Ages and superb Town Hall decorated with Rhine Renaissance style frescoes.  There are beautiful parks and gardens throughout the city, including the famous Botanical and Zoological Garden which hosts more than 1,200 animals.

The city of Mulhouse constantly strives to improve the quality of everyday life for its 112,002 inhabitants and for the many tourists that visit it every year and is currently working on a particularly ambitious project which aims at making the city centre a safe and pleasant place for everyone to visit and discover.

  Check out the video interview with Ms Eliane Hervé-Bazin, Fondation Réunica, describing the process of developing an accessible,
tourist itinerary in Mulhouse.

Throughout the year, an amazing array of activities and events liven up the city, such as the International Carnival, the Automobile Festival or the picturesque Christmas markets. Furthermore, as part of the Alsace region famous for its fine gastronomy and wines, Mulhouse has an excellent dining scene offering some fantastic local fare.

A committee has chosen a specific 3km-city tour along which every institution, museum, store and restaurant will become totally accessible for everyone. Visitors, locals, people with disabilities and parents with strollers will hence be able to visit, amongst other attractions, the Fine-Arts Museum, the Museum of Printed Fabrics, the former Town Hall and History Museum and the many ancient buildings and mansions that form part of the city's history.

 New! Please click here to see Mulhouse’s itinerary main points of interest

► New! Please click on the link below to see the "Ville Access" - a tool the City of Mulhouse made availlable to all cities, allowing people with disabilities to better move around the town:

Download the presentation shown at the Global Forum on Accessible Cities detailing the process of developing an accessible, tourist itinerary in Mulhouse.



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